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Winclove Probiotics is a Dutch company specializing for over 20 year in research, development and production of probiotic food supplements.

All products are based on extensive research and developed in close collaboration with clients, research institutes and university hospitals.

Our aim is to provide our business partners with unique and innovative probiotic formulations and with this, improve people’s health in a natural way.



  • Probiotics improve liver function


    New study results show improvement of liver function in cirrhosis patients by probiotics


    A study by the University of Graz on the effect of the probiotic formulation Ecologic® Barrier on immune function, bacterial translocation and gut permeability in patients with cirrhosis, has been published in the journal of AP&T Alimentary Phamacology and Therapeutics.

    The results of this study show that administration of this probiotic for 6 months significantly improved antimicrobial activity and immune function, and slightly improved liver function. Especially the subgroup of alcoholic cirrhotics might benefit from probiotic supplementation.


    Liver cirrhosis

    Liver cirrhosis is the 9th biggest burden of diseases in Europe and the 11th most common cause of death in the US. Common compilations of cirrhosis are bacterial infections caused  by a significantly impaired immune system. Bacterial infections are often a fatal complication of patients with liver disease.



    Probiotics are already recommended for a variety immune-related diseases such as allergies. The effects appear to be related to improving the intestinal barrier function and stimulating favourable immune responses. Previous clinical trials have shown promising effects for probiotics on liver function in different stages of alcoholic liver disease and improve the function of specific immune cells, like neutrophils and neutrophil phagocytosis. Neopterin belongs to the chemical group known as pteridines. It is synthesized by human macrophages upon stimulation with the cytokine interferon-gamma and is indicative of a pro-inflammatory immune status. Neopterin serves as a marker of cellular immune system activation.


    Study design

    In a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled study stable cirrhotic out-patients received either a daily dose of probiotic powder (n=44) or placebo (n=36) for 6 months and where followed up for another 6 months. The primary end point was the change in the capacity of neutrophils to internalize bacteria, so call phagocytosis. secondary endpoints were number of clinically relevant infections, neutrophil’s capacity to produce oxygen radicals to kill bacteria-oxidative burst endotoxin levels, inflammatory responses and gut permeability.


    Key findings

    The probiotics were very well tolerated by the patients and side effects were rare. Although there was no difference found in the neutrophil capacity to internalize bacteria, probiotic supplementation significantly increased serum neopterin levels and the production of reactive oxygen species by neutrophils. This could explain the beneficial effect of probiotics on immune function. Also, liver function was slightly improved during intervention and decreased without it.

  • Probiotics for ear and throat health

    Ear and throat infections are a common problem, especially in children. Probiotics can provide support by strengthening the biological barrier against pathogens and by reinforcing the natural microbiota of the upper respiratory tract. Winclove's latest multispecies probiotic formulations are developed to reduce risk of recurrence of ear and throat infections. One of these formulations has a medical device status (approval pending).

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  • Probiotics for urogenital infections

    There is a clear link between the vaginal microbiota and urogenital infections. Recently a systematic review was published that determines the efficacy of probiotics for prevention and/or treatment of urogenital infections in adult women. The review concluded that probiotic interventions are effective in treatment and prevention of urogenital infections.

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  • Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

    Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1, identical to Winclove's L. plantarum W1, is a highly investigated bacterial strain. Its complete genome has been sequenced in 2003. Due to the presence of this genome sequence and genetic tools, L. plantarum WCSF1 has been extensively studied. Now researchers have reviewed this work, with a focus on host interaction.

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  • Probiotics beyond the gut: upcoming probiotic formulations

    Winclove is working on the development of several probiotic formulations that reach beyond the gut. We expect to bring three new probiotic formulations to the market this year focused on ear, nose and throat health and urinary tract infections.

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